Our answers to common customer questions.

What is the difference between weight and volume?

The Department of Fair Trading has classified the sale of firewood by 3 methods:

  • weight – must be measured on approved scales
  • volume – must be tightly stacked
  • the lot – ie “a box trailer load”

Buying by weight is the only true means of purchasing firewood on an even playing field. All retailers selling by weight have a legal obligation to supply the correct weight, as advertised. There is no room for approximating.

The problem with buying by the metre, is that the term “tightly stacked” has to date encouraged subjective clarification. In essence, this term would mean each piece is individually hand stacked, like a packet of matches. However, most retailers consider the wood falling into the truck with a small amount of manual adjustment as being “tightly stacked”. As a result, the difference in volume between one supplier and another can be significant.

Selling by weight means you the customer, get exactly what you are paying for.

How much is Delivery?

The delivery charge is automatically calculated in the checkout process. The delivery fee is based on the distance of the delivery address from our depot. Simply select the product and quantity you require, add it to your cart then fill in your delivery details. You will see the total cost of your purchase including delivery charges before you proceed to payment.

How do I request a specific delivery day and time?

In the checkout process, you will see the "Delivery Instructions" section where you can request a specific day and time and leave instructions and comments if needed. We will do our best to accommodate your request, however if we are unable to meet your request we will contact you with alternate options.

Can I order a mix of different types of wood?

Yes you can. Simply select the types and quantities of wood and we will make your order up as requested. Our delivery truck has two compartments so the different types of wood can even be kept separated for if you wish.


Can I pick up from your depot?

Yes, we have a drive through service for the collection of firewood on Saturday`s from 9am until Midday.

What is so important about moisture content?

Moisture content is probably the most important factor to consider when buying firewood. Simply speaking for wood to burn it must also burn away any water within it, this is a direct loss of energy and subsequently the fire will burn cooler.

This leads to less combustion – the process of converting carbon (wood) into gas (heat/energy) and will increase smoke.

A hot fire, burnt in an approved combustion heater, using quality well seasoned hardwood, in the correct manner will produce little to no smoke and maximum heat.

How much should I buy?

There are many variables that determine this. These include frequency of use, length of season and weather conditions. You should buy as much as you can stockpile or afford.

Firstly, there are significant cost advantages in buying in bulk – as you only pay delivery once (If applicable).

Secondly, firewood is a non-perishable product that generally improves with age.

Finally, history shows that inevitably the supply of firewood during those cold winter months struggles to keep pace with the strong demand. This can be for various reasons, including heavy rain at the suppliers’ end and a depletion of stocks.

What payment options do you have?

There are many ways in which customers can make payment, including COD and EFT. Account Name: Bushies Firewood BSB: 633 000 Account Number 181 960 592

All the payment options are displayed in the checkout process.